Apartment in MEGA Gldani will be delivered with Warm structure — unique proposition from MegaConstruction development company. Warm structure will significantly reduce your repair and maintenance costs.

Warm Structure is higher level insulation than the industry-standard ‘white structure’, to which have been added:

  • Special thermally insulated outer walls
  • Hollow slabs for covering the space between floors
  • Boilers (installed on the balcony) linked to the central heating system
  • Pre-installed central heating pipes

Delivering an insulated structure implies the following:

  • Thermally insulated outer walls
  • Hollow slabs made of reinforced concrete for covering the space between floors
  • Boilers installed on balconies and connected to the gas network
  • Pre-installed central heating pipes
  • A steel front door
  • Doors and windows made of PVC
  • Plastered walls
  • Plumbing in the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Concrete floors
  • Pre-installed electrical cabling to every flat
  • Fully refurnished balconies

Heating expenses make up a significant proportion of the day-to-day cost of owning a flat, and the thermal insulation of the walls plays a major role in this regard. The high degree of insulation Mega Didube’s thermo insulated outer wall and hollow slabs will offer many advantages:

  • High thermal insulation
  • Minimal heating costs in winter
  • Minimal air-conditioning in summer
  • Excellent sound-proofing